How to run built in scripts

Time Needed : 05 minutes

There are a huge amount of scripts that you can download, and install into JWildfire, however there are a great many that are actually built into the program itself. Here is a very quick guide to how to locate and run these scripts. Please note, that if you create any images with these, by tweaking or otherwise, it’s polite to mention the scripts by name, so that others can find and play with these.

  1. Find the built in scripts tab

    Over on the right hand side of the JWildfire screen, look for the button that says “Scripts and custom buttons” and click it. It may take a while to show a list of the scripts. When it does click the “built in scripts button”

    open built in scripts

  2. Choose a script and run it

    After clicking the “built in scripts button” you’ll get a long list of scripts, scroll through these and highlight one. To run it, simply click the Run button, or you can double click the name of the script. Each time you run the highlighted script it will give you a different version as it randomises the values. Some scripts will modify a flame that’s already loaded, but the majority will create a new image. Please take the time to read any notes, and please remember to mention the script if you use it to post images. This is so that others can have a go at these that may not be aware.

    how to run built in scripts

Running Built In Scripts Video

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