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Hello Mac OSX users,

I have a little trick for you if you notice that you renders are sometimes really too long but you don’t figure why! I posted it on the official J-wildfire Forum a while ago but repost it in here now:-)

I thought originally that the renders were very slow on my macbook pro but I figured out that the render are suspended temporarily sometimes.

I tried to set my power settings to don’t put the computer to sleep and to not suspend disk activity, but I still had this issue. I figured that the screen sleep settings is causing the pauses in render.

I didn’t want to burn my laptop screen while letting it on while rendering, but found a work around is to set the screen to never sleep and dim the luminosity to minimum, but it wasn’t enough convenient for me. I kept digging the web, wrote on the forum and found out this is an “Apple feature” which affect not only J-wildfire but other softwares too.

Here is the best solution I found: I use a free tool downloaded from the app store called amphetamine. You can then program your mac stay awake when you launch a specific application, so you never have to think again about changing your power settings each time you want to use J-wildfire.

Here is the link:

(I am not affiliated in any ways with this software, just sharing a good tool which I find very usefull)

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