Tweak Game 6 Flame Pack compilation

A compilation of all the flames used in the Tweak Game 6. Please click title if you like one to see who created it, and if you re-use or tweak, mention their name, it’s only right. 🙂


Tweak Game IV – Flame Pack

TG4 7

This one, has only two variations, welcome to Tweak Flame Game IV

The rules are simple, you’re allowed to ADD or SWAP (but not both) ONE variation only. You can of course drag, resize, rotate the triangles (affine) and change colours, but one variation change only.…

Tweak Game III – The Flamepack


Some great entries here, if you load the flame pack, the first flame was the one to be tweaked. Could only change one variation, but free to change affine and colouring etc. Loving these tweak games, it’s amazing what can be brought out of one flame.…