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Blue Bardos Flame Pack

The Blue Bardos Flame pack, yes, yet another strange name, but heck I make these things right, I call them as I see them. More info about what Bardos are in a bit. Feel free to play and tweak the flames in this flame pack, all I ask is you post a link to this download with your images if you then post them online. Not an ego thing (ironically) just so folks can have a go for themselves. Community spirit and all of that.

Ok Bardos are the parts from the Tibetan book of the dead. Neatly summarised here..

The Bardo Thodol is primarily concerned with helping those who have entered the intermediate state to elevate themselves into a new reality, thereby escaping the life, death, bardo, and rebirth cycle. This is accomplished through the reading of instructions to help the confused, disembodied soul find its way through the bardos, or levels of the dream state the dead enter into following separation from their physical forms. There are three bardos encapsulating various aspects of the afterlife realm, in which the living whisper instructions of comfort, peace, and guidance to the deceased.

From this page

Just for anyone interested of course, the near death experience accurately described in these texts, from a group who pass this knowledge on to those about to make the journey.

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