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Glitter and Lights Flame Pack 2

Glitter and Lights Flame pack 2' by Lynda McDaniel 2021

This flame pack contains

beautiful glitter and lights flames

More Lights less Glitter in this pack.

Each flame should have 2-3 layers so

when they load, a preview of the first layer

should pop up. You can turn the preview off

by going under the Layers tab and to the left

you will see Layer Preview simply click

that button to turn off the preview.

There are a total of 51 flames to tweak

Average render time: 15 minutes

Set Image Size To: 800 x 800

Adjust Brightness and Low Brightness if needed.

Adjust Fade to White if desired.


Please remember to link/credit back to

the Flame Pack when using these flames

and posting your images on social media.

This helps others to find the flame pack

for their use. 🙂  Thank you!


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Glitter and Lights Flame Pack 2 Image

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If you use these flame packs to tweak and then share your image, you must credit the creator, and add the link to the flame pack wherever you post your image.

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