Bendy Space – Trippy Bendy Scripts


Nothing too fancy, but a lot of fun to play with. These are basic checkerboard designs, that get tweaked to create all kinds of trippy pictures. Yes I know, I used more than one final transform, but JWildfire's main aim is for fun, and I find it fun to do that ! 🙂

As usual with flame packs, just load them as a flame into JWildfire, wait a while and boom there they are.


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Bendy Space - Trippy Bendy Scripts Image
Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this
[bg_collapse view="button-blue" color="#f7f7f7" icon="eye" expand_text="Conditions of use" collapse_text="Hide" ]If you use these flame packs to tweak and then share your image, you must credit the creator, and add the link to the flame pack wherever you post your image.


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