Think of tags as like a book index where you find words and which pages they are on, the same principle applies here. Although it's taken a stage further so it might not be the word, but the subject, so for example if you're looking for things to do with fractal gradients for example. A tag may bring back posts with gradient files, as well as posts that discuss gradients, or tutorials about them.

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parplot2d post enabled f complex

parplot2d post enabled f complex Fractal flame for Jwildfire, use the on screen copy button to copy to clipboard, you can then post inside the software

jwildfire wallpaper maker by audiomonk

Wallpaper Maker Scripts

Collection of 8 scripts to make random wallpapers for your computer, laptop, tablet whatever. Just some snazzy designs, nothing complex here. Course, you can do what you want with them. No need to credit me personally, not that desperate for attention 😛 but it would be nice to see if you’ve used it, and it would be nice for other folks to be able to use the script, so maybe mention that, or link here. Tutorial on how to install scripts

flowerz by audiomonk

Flowerz Script

Just a small script to create flower heads, didn’t quite make it into the Nature scripts pack. Not very complex, just keep running it til you get one you like, then tweak away. It’d be nice to see them when you make them, so although I don’t crave my name getting mentioned, just leave me a comment to where yours are to see them. 🙂 Feel free to credit me though if you want. Any questions, just ask. Tutorial on How to install scripts