How to create a gradient from an image

Time Needed : 20 minutes

Choosing from the hundreds of JWildfire gradients out there and in here, you are never short for colours, but what if you want to make one based from an image? Interesting way to combine fractals and other images is to match the colours, so here’s how to get a gradient based from an image.

  1. First make sure you have a flame to work with.

    This is so you can see the colour change, obviously if there is no flame loaded you won’t see how the colours look. So create or load a flame to begin with.

  2. Click the Gradient tab

    Look at the bottom of the main window for a tab/button labelled Gradient.

    Click Gradient Tab

  3. Then click the create new button

    Click the create new button followed by the create from image button.

    click create new and create from image

  4. Then choose your image

    Choose an image on your computer that you want to get the gradient from, and click open.

    gradient from image open image

  5. Your new gradient from the image will be loaded.

    Your new gradient is ready to use as you’ll see. You can then edit the gradient further with the other gradient controls.

    gradient from image gradient loaded

    You can also extract gradients from images using different software as is shown here.

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