Swirled Decadence

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Swirled Decadence

Been a long time coming, there's over 80 scripts in this package !!

MiMi supplied a few flames and the rest they say is history, starting from her flames the possibilities became more and more. I tried not to duplicate the Yugen Scripts  They have a similar start point, but whereas they were more ornate and delicate, I wanted here to go for swirls and glows, and anything else I could think of.

Also available to download is the new version of these scripts including all the Swirled Decadence Addons, you'll see the link below, or, if you prefer, you can download the addons as a separate set of scripts here.. Swirled Decadence Addons

A lot of the scripts have similar but subtle differences, I could have combined into less scripts, but that would have meant more randomness and longer to get something that looked good. Plus, with there being 80 scripts I just thought.. have the lot !

Always tweak these before posting, and things to tweak are the colour settings, brightness, gamma, saturation etc, but first you'll be wanting to experiment with altering the values of the epispiral and spiral settings, also the post_colourscale values. ZOOM ! almost forgot, zoom in and out on these flames to either see more or zoom in on an interesting part!

Sorry if the naming convention doesn't mean anything, it does to me, and it's hard to get descriptive when you want to keep the names short (so they can be seen in the script window of JWF).

Thanks obviously go to MiMi to begin with, and to everyone at the JWildfire Sanctuary Facebook group.

Final word, as always is to link back to these scripts if you post images or use them in any way. It's a small ask, but so many people still just post without this courtesy. It's so others can play and create for themselves. These have taken a long time to create, please spend 1 minute of your time to find the link and post it with your image, wherever that may be.

Michael Bourne June 2020


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