Yūgen Scripts by Mi Mi and MB

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Yūgen Scripts by Mi Mi and MB

The Yūgen scripts by Michael Bourne - Started and based on a series of flames by Mi Mi

(How to install scripts help here)

What is Yūgen? (link)

There are things you can do to tweak or play with these right away, the first thing to try is Zooming out. As is the flames focus on a section of a flame which usually gives the most detail. However, if you zoom out you may see other areas of interest that you may want to zoom in on and experiment with. The easiest way to do this is with the view editing mode button (top right, and top most button in the view window). If you click this on, you can drag the image around with your mouse button held. You can rotate it by holding down your right mouse button and moving your mouse around, as seen below.


Obviously try changing the values of the variations for different looks, and try different variations on the second transform. You can also add a final to experiment further.  Gradients! changing gradients has a dramatic impact, and try to go for darker colours, and also play with gradient and colour settings too.

Because this combination of variations has been used in the past, there was some issue about crediting previous authors who used these combinations also. Because Mi Mi who created the flames, did so on her own, this isn't necessary, it also looks like others have used these combinations previously also and not been questioned on their origin. In creating the scripts I haven't examined any that used these combinations, I only examined Mick Hogans scripts where he had a pop up choice of transform to see how I could implement that. I also talked with him about it, and have used it in one of the scripts, so thanks Mick Hogan.

Thanks also, to Jesus Sosa and Rick Sidwell more generally for helping me when I got stuck with scripts in the past, and for their random number generator lines.

Thanks to all at the JWildfire Sanctuary facebook group for being supportive of the script development.

Last, and by no means least, in fact first ! Major thanks to Mi Mi for her set of flames, without which these scripts would not exist.

Sample images...

width=150 width=150 width=150 width=150 width=150 width=150

In addition there are two big flame packs you can download here too, which contain 15 flames each for you to play with.

Notes on tweaking the Yugen Flames by Heather Law

  1. Choose a gradient you like
  2. Increase the frequency a few notches
  3. Under each transformation, choose Color and slide the Speed button around for more color
    (if that doesn't work, try randomizing Gamma)
  4. Fiddle with gradient frequency and slider if you want
  5. Go to Coloring and reduce Fg opacity (watch the flame's thumbnail for changes)
  6. Saturate the heck out of it
  7. Change Bg color from SINGLE_COLOR to GRADIENT_2x2
  8. Slide Fade to white to the left
  9. Saturate it some more
  10. Fiddle around with frequency and gradient slider some more until you like it.


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