Swirled Decadence Addons

Swirled Decadence Additional Scripts Michael Bourne 2020

You can find the main Swirled Decadence pack here.

Took some sample flames from Lynda Mcdaniel and changed things around, added, subtracted and modified and tweaked and baked. Ok maybe not baked.

Thanks Lynda.. created a new set of possibilities and hope you like the scripts.

In a fair few of these the area of interest will not always be in the centre of the screen, rather than force that. I've left it to your discretion, some people might not want everything centred, sometimes obtuse and angled looks better. However if you do want it in the centre, click that top button near where it says Transformations. Once that's clicked you can move the fractal about with your mouse by clicking and dragging, then moving the mouse, or hold the right button to rotate. You can of course use the Camera settings tab and do it manually there with CentreX CentreY etc.

Also Zoom out and in and experiment with all the features.

As always, a link back to the download is a requirement now. This is because there have been a number of people using the images from my scripts as their own and not sharing the link, so please, it only takes a minute to find the download to link to it wherever you post these images, think of it as a thank you for the hard work that's gone into making these scripts.

Big shout out to Lynda McDaniel,also MiMi for the other sample flames that were the base for the majority of the Swirled Decadence scripts.

Big shout out also to all the folks at the JWildfire Sanctuary Facebook group.

Another big shout (doing a lot of shouting here) to Andreas Maschke and all that help him keep this great FREE software going, please consider making a donation to him.

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