Wonderful Wacky Wave Abstract Script

*Wonderful Wacky Waves Abstract Script - Lynda McDaniel

Compatible with JWildfire Software

Hello, fellow fractal artist,


*A colorful wavey abstract script with a little bit of crazy. 🙂

*You will need to be patient as it takes a few seconds for the
flame to come in full, but I think your patience will pay off! 🙂

*T2 is set for a string of variations to fill the 2nd variation slot.
You can adjust the variables if allowed.

*The Final Transform is set to a default Custom Variation.
You can change the Custom Variation IF you have the
custom variation files downloaded.
You can leave as is, delete the final, or replace it with something else.

*Please refer to this awesome Custom Variations Tutorial by Mick Hogan to guide you
in the process if you do not know how to use them. 🙂


If you need to know how to install scripts,
please go to this perfect tutorial by thoth
at: https://www.jwfsanctuary.club/tutorial/installing-scripts/

*HINT: Re-run script until you find something you like to tweak.

I hope you enjoy this script and make beautiful art 🙂

Credit to Mick Hogan and Jesus Sosa for snippets of code I use in my scripts

Shout-out to Michael Bourne of JWildfire Sanctuary Club - https://www.jwfsanctuary.club
Thank you for giving us a platform to share our art and ideas.

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Sample image

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