Think of tags as like a book index where you find words and which pages they are on, the same principle applies here. Although it's taken a stage further so it might not be the word, but the subject, so for example if you're looking for things to do with fractal gradients for example. A tag may bring back posts with gradient files, as well as posts that discuss gradients, or tutorials about them.

WallpaperScript Cover

Wallpaper Script

*Wallpaper Script -by Lynda McDaniel Compatible with JWildfire Software If you use my … Details

Flower Centers Script Image Display

Flower Centers Script

*Flower Centers Script – Lynda McDaniel Compatible with JWildfire Software This script will … Details

sierpinski layers

Sierpinski Quilt Layers

This script is based initially on the Flapinski tutorial found here It adds … Details


Blob Flame Pack

Selection of example blobs to go with Rick Sidwell’s tutorial  


Pipe Cleaner Crepe Paper Flowers

This tutorial uses rotation, scaling and filling of the cloverleaf for an informal floral look. The easy to use techniques are applicable to many other variations.

Dons Dragon Egg

Dons Dragon Egg

Based on a tutorial at DeviantArt, Don takes on the dragons egg. Blur value randomised for more variation.