Installing Scripts


There are many script files you can use for JWildfire to help you get started, they are great for creating fractals you can experiment with, or for learning. You can examine the way they were created and then tweak them to suit yourself. If you use any images created with scripts, it’s always a good idea to give credit to the script writer. You can find many scripts here at the Sanctuary on the download menu. Here are some instructions on how to install and run them.

Create a folder for your scripts on your computer.

Make a note of where you created it, in this example, Drive E in a subfolder called Fractal Wildfire, and a Folder of My Apps (you can create it anywhere, just remember where you created it).

So the path would be E:My AppsFractal Wildfire.

We created another folder here called scripts, so the complete path to our scripts is E:My AppsFractal WildfireScripts (we’ll need this in a moment)

Tell JWildfire where to look for your scripts.

Run JWildfire, then click the settings.

Then Click Preferences

Then scroll to look for tina JWF Script Path, click the entry and enter your path as explained in Step 1

This only has to be done once, so when you tell JWildfire where your scripts are, you can extract as many as you like in the future to this path and JWildfire will keep the settings.

Open the Zip file (double click usually)

Click Extract

Choose the folder to Extract to the same folder as you created in Step 1

Back to JWildfire to access our new script, click Scripts

Click Rescan (to read the scripts folder) then click Your Scripts

Find your scripts (Click Folder first) Then Click Run

And hey presto, a nice image to work with.


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