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Paintly Pinwheel

*Paintly Pinwheel Script - Lynda McDaniel

Compatible with JWildfire Software

Hello, fellow fractal artist,

If you use my scripts, Please give me credit and/or a link back to


This script will generate pinwheel flowers that have a painted look.

There are 6 layers to this script.

If you do not know how to work with layers in JWF,

Please refer to the following Layers Tutorials.

Note: The versions of JWF may look different

in these tutorials, but the 'concept/context' is the same for the current version of JWF.


If you need to know how to install scripts,

please go to this perfect tutorial by thoth


*TIP: Re-run script until you find something you like to tweak.

I hope you enjoy this script and make beautiful art 🙂



****Also, If you would like to try a script that is rapidly becoming popular

Try the 'Yugen' Scripts by Michael Bourne and MIMI

These make beautiful fractals/art!

Go to:


Credit to Mick Hogan and Jesus Sosa for snippets of code I use in my scripts

Shout-out to Michael Bourne of JWildfire Sanctuary Club -

Thank you for giving us a platform to share our art and ideas.

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*Paintly Pinwheel Script - Lynda McDaniel
Compatible with JWildfire Software
If you share images online that are created with scripts, it is a requirement to post a link to the script that you used, and to credit its creator. If you've never used scripts before please read how to install scripts.

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