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Time Needed : 10 minutes

There is a way of sharing your fractal flames with us, so that they will go into our flame posts section to do this you will need to use our very own paster part of the site. First though, you'll need to get the flame out of your JWildfire, here are the steps to do that. Please note though, because getting the flames from our paster back onto the site is a manual task, it may be a few days before you see your flame on the website. Please be patient.

  1. Getting your flame code out of JWildfire.

    So you have a flame in JWildfire, and you would like to paste its code, well the first thing you need to do is to tell JWildfire is to send the flame code to the clipboard. Couldn't be easier, just click the “To clipboard” button inside of JWildfire. Once done, the flame is now on the clipboard of the computer.

    add flame tut step 1 to clipboard

  2. Visit the Paster area on the website

    Go to our paster (bookmark it on your browser) it's at and you'll see a screen like the one below. Please fill our the boxes, you can leave the language option as it is. So add your name for step 1, step 2 a name for your fractal, step 3 you can leave alone. Step 4 is the box where you will paste your flame from the clipboard. So CTRL and V on windows or CMD V on Mac, or right click your mouse and choose paste. Step 5 is just the captcha box, tick this and answer any pic questions, then step 6 click create.

    add flame tut step 2 fill in details and paste

  3. After clipboard has been pasted

    After you paste your flame code into the box and clicked create , it will look like this. You can click the Recent button to see yours and the most recent flames people have posted. Again, please be patient before yours appears on the website in our flame posts section. It's a manual task to extract at the moment, but am always looking into better ways. You can always use the paster, and post your flames into our Facebook Group of course.

    add flame tut step 4 now added flame view recent

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