Waveblur idisc SOLID

This script was automatically generated by JWildfire V6.22 (16.01.2021) by converting a flame

author="Robert Keen" catagory="Randomizer"
info="Makes Interesting changes and Changes Symmetry Count"

Wave blur idisc SOLID RK2021

Tip - You can drag the Pie shape variation to fill the gaps by toggling post transform on the affine tab. Then grab transform 3 Pie and drag
outward to expose it into the open area. I like to place it in between the gaps of the wave blur shape. You can also change out (Pie) transform 3 to any solid shape for a cool mash up between the wave blur_wf.

Variations that work well in place of pie - Primitive shape 2 or 6, Obj mesh primitive id 0 to any id number, Knots3d, Supershape3d (any *formula number combinations), Polarplot3D, Parplot2D and Parplot3D, yPlot2d or 3d, Swirl3D with DC enabled, and Seashell3D

*Supershape3D formula number parameters can be found searching the internet.

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