Romanesco Shnurple


Michael Bourne 2020

Well this is a re-jig of something I made for the Abyss series 2 scripts, for coral. Decided to revisit and had some more fun, there's plenty of things to tweak. Why the name? well, take a look at the Romanesco vegetable, and shnurple.. well, didn't want to use the word purple.. obviously!

What I'd recommend tweaking is the colour settings on the first transform.  So click the first transform (the elliptic line) then click your colour tab and choose a type. Let's look at Target.



Here you choose the colour that you want to move towards, ie the target. If you hover over the Speed setting underneath, this will give you hints on how the speed works, so -1 goes there straight away etc, and moving away alters that.  Just slowly drag the speed slider, or key in a number once you've selected your target colour and you'll see what's happening.

Also try changing the colouring type to Cyclic..


Here, the speed setting will determine how often the colours cycle, so .25 will repeat at quarterly intervals, 0.333 will repeat at thirds etc, just experiment and see what happens.

Another thing to tweak is the split value on the bTransform line. Just play with that for stronger or weaker definitions.


Of course, tweak anything you like, add transforms, change the final transform, play with post symmetry.

Please link back to this flame pack if you put out tweaks, or if you're in the Sanctuary facebook group, tag me as I really want to see what you do with these. Just wish I had more time to play!

To Use

Extract the zip file flame pack to where you store your flames, then load the romanesco shnurple flame into JWildfire. Or.. just download the flame file and load that into JWildfire.


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