JWildfire Command Line Batch Renderer

Created a windows batch file that you copy into a folder of flames. The reason being that editing batch files, and copying and pasting paths might be beyond some people, or too cumbersome.

When you run it,

  • It will ask for the drive letter that JWildfire is on
  • Then the folder that JWildfire can be found (directly or a subfolder)
  • Then the width height and quality numbers for your renders
  • Then it will render all the flames in that folder

It has a drawback, it will use the last version of JWildfire it finds in the folder you specify, so if like me you have a lot of versions in the folder name you enter, it will use the last one it finds. The solution is just to make a copy of JWildfire elsewhere and tell it that folder.

If you'd rather get your hands dirty and modify a batch file precisely read how to batch render flames here

Not a JWildfire script, but I've put it here as seems pointless creating a category for one batch file.


Copy the batch file into the folder where your flames are..

Run the batch file either by a command prompt (Windows Key X choose command prompt) then locate the folder and type its name as shown below. Or you can double click it from windows.

After you've run it it will...

Ask for drive letter .. say E (Drive where Jwildfire is)

Then Folder where JWildfire is  so it might be JWFTEST or whatever folder it's in, it will search subfolders, so you can enter the subfolder name.

Then asks for width,height and quality. So something like 800 600 and 1000 (high quality) 500 (medium quality).

Hopefully it will then prompt to see if you want to proceed, then if yes, it will silently render all the flames in the folder where you copied your batch file.


Thank you again Jesus Sosa for finding out how to render from a command line.

Jwildfire Command Line Batch Renderer

Any questions leave them in the comments, or ask in the Sanctuary Facebook group.

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