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Texture Set #5_Gpattern & Gosper Island

Texture Gpattern & Gosper Island image set to be used for mapping in J Wildfire. Some examples of operators are included for the more interesting patterns, but I did not generate every example for every pattern.

You can always run any image through the J Wildfire Image Editor / Operators to generate more effects. I found the negative, brick, bump, convolve and emboss to be the most interesting operators. You can also use this set in other software applications that support mapping. You could even try and experiment using them in MB3d 1.99, however you will need to rename them as a number and place them in the map directory.

Just read the text file in MB3D for proper numbering and usage. I decided to do this set because of a lack of J wildfire texture sets for solids. I want to thank Jesus Sosa for the development of all the great pattern type variations. Also want to thank Brad Steffenov, Whittaker Courtney, Rick Sidwell, Dark Beam and CozyG for all the great variation additions.

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