Peek a Boo Fractal Gradients


By Nancy Pierce


You’ll find 14 of what I call ‘peek-a-boo’ gradients in this pack. Peek-a-boo because of the prevalence of black or white in each gradient. When a predominantly black gradient is used on a fractal with a black (or dark) background, bits and pieces of the fractal will fade in and out as you move the gradient slider.

Peek-a-boo! Same for a fractal with a white (or light) background when combined with one of the predominantly white gradients. If you’re looking for some drama, try a dark peek-a-boo gradient on a white background. These are my favourite types of gradients; hope you have fun playing peek-a-boo! Please link to this site when posting so others can easily find these if they so desire.

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Peek a Boo Fractal Gradients Image
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