Iridescence Gradient Pack

I created these gradients to help give that special iridescent glow to your JWF fractals. Having said that, these gradients will work anywhere you want some vibrant colours! To get an iridescent look, you’re going to need to help your fractal along, but remember some fractals just weren’t meant to be iridescent.

Here are a few tips I’ve discovered that will help enhance iridescence.

#1 Click on the Color Tab and brighten up your image by sliding the ‘brightness’ slider to the right and sliding the ‘fade to white’ slider to the left. The brighter the better.

#2 Increase the contrast to at least 4 or 5 if not more.

#3 Use the ‘distance’ colour type either on a final or on a heavily weighted transform. Play with the colour speed to find the right look. With the ‘distance’ colouring type, you may also have to modify the gradient (under the Gradient tab look for ‘modify gradient’). Click the ‘modify gradient’ and try increasing the frequency from 1 to 2 or maybe even 3. Also under the ‘modify gradient’ play with the ‘blur’ slider… it will help blend in lines but also takes away some vibrancy.

#4 Fractals that are naturally shiny and bright have a higher probability of accepting these gradients and giving off that delightful iridescent glow. Michael Bourne’s Swirled Decadence and Swirled Decadence Add On scripts are good examples of these kinds of fractals.

In any event, I hope these gradients bring some light and shimmer to your images. Enjoy!

Nancy Pierce

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