Falling For Autumn

Autumn of course is the harvest season, and that is reflected in several of the food and drink related gradients in this pack. Autumn is also probably best known for its amazing display of leaf colour; almost one third of the gradients in this pack are devoted to trees, leaves and their stunning array of fall colours. The remainder gradients are reminders of some of the other things that define autumn, such as favourite sweaters, the constellation Orion, morning dew, Halloween and of course fall flowers.

A note about this gradient pack. I make JWF gradients using several methods, and in the past I usually created several gradients from one colour theme using these different methods. Then I would just pick just one gradient to use in the final gradient pack and discard the rest. I realize that may have been a mistake, as some fractals just accept one type of gradient better than other types, while a different fractal accepts a another type of gradient more successfully. Changing ‘colouring type’ will also greatly affect how a fractal accepts different types of gradients. So, in this gradient pack, you’ll see several similar looking gradients bunched together, but they’ve been created using different methods. Try them all out on your fractals and you’ll see the difference.

I hope you enjoy this gradient pack and that it helps to enhance your JWF fractals. If you’re posting a fractal using one of these gradients, please be courteous and link back to this site in the Sanctuary so others can easily find it too.

Nancy Pierce

NB There are two folders, one contains a collection of single map files, and the other a UGR file which contains all gradients. You can add either to JWildfire instructions here

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