Halloween 2021 Flame Game

Nancy Pierce

Well, another successful flame game is in the books.

All I can say is that Sanctuarians really know how to celebrate Halloween in style – WOW! Every image was incredibly unique and displayed their creator’s resourcefulness and love of JWF. You all went far and beyond the call of duty on this flame game… we’re so proud and impressed! We had 72 images submitted… that’s scary awesome.

The vote tallying is complete; and as you know, submissions by admins and those where other software or postwork were also used, were not eligible for votes. A person can only finish in the top three once. If there is a tie, the person with the most ‘wows’ wins. If there is still a tie, the person who posted first breaks the tie… So, after 8 great days of spooky flame gaming, here are our winners as chosen by you!

First place 🏆 Terry McCann for his “Casper the friendly Ghost” Wonderful image Terry!
Second place 🥈 Timothy David Waggoner for his “View from the forest floor” Glad I’m not in that forest!
Third place 🥉 Christine Cougar for her “Day of the Dead” An absolutely fantastic image!

Congratulations to our winners! You’ll retain your bragging rights for a year until next year’s Halloween flame game. But really, everybody who participated is a winner – we all explored JWF, we had fun and we learned and were inspired by others. What a wonderful way to ease into the cooler, darker months ahead surrounded by such creativity. The composite mural with one image from each of the 22 participants will be ready later today or tomorrow at the latest.

Thank you so much (in order of posting): Charles Smith, Tina Hill, Terry McCann, Angel Rodriguez, Timothy David Waggoner, Peggi Wolfe, Missy Gainer, Jane Spaulding, Lieselotte Zangl, Christine Cougar, Michael Samuels, Maria Forrester, Michael Bourne, Ian Thompson, Tim Gee, Chris Barley Kirby, Ann Garrett, Tracy Colello, Geoffrey N Barnes, Bruce Martin, Heather Law and Seth Springer.

We thank each and every one of you for your participation. Stay tuned for our next flame game in November.

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