Holiday Assortment Flame Pack

Jane Spaulding

I have put together a small group of some of my favorite fractals from back in 2014 to 2016 when I was just getting started and trying to find my way. As near as I can remember, none have been shared and some have never been published at all. There is a very early gnarl. Simple but pretty. It was likely started from a random flame, many of my fractals are. Usually by the time I am done though, few of the original variations remains.

Also included are 3 that are tile ball fractals. I have chosen them because they are so much fun to play around with. I ALWAYS start them from a random tile ball flame. The reason is that the formatting for this style is cumbersome to build and always follows the same structure with the exception of the last 2 variations. Those last 2 variations are a good spot to start tweaking. The final is always a curl. I have added things to the first affine from time to time and that can be interesting to do. It depends on how much you want to follow the classic "tile ball" look.

Another flame in this pack uses a SVG file as the first variation. This one is a cake and I have included a file for you to use. Simply put it on your hard drive where you can find it and on the second line of the svg_wf variation, click the gear icon, the browse to your file and click to add it. There are lots of very cool free svg files in the public domain. This cake came from

The other flames are just ones I like that I think would be fun to tweak.

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