Anemones, Algae, and a Jellyfish Flamepack

A flamepack containing 13 params for anemones, algae, and a lone jellyfish (how did he get in there) for use in creating fractal undersea collages.  May work well in conjunction with the Abyss v2 Script file by Michael Bourne.  I hope you enjoy them.

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Sample image

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2 thoughts on “Anemones, Algae, and a Jellyfish Flamepack”

  1. Thanks so much, Lea! I just found out there’s a flame missing and there’s an image missing for a different flame. I have added the missing flame (for the jellyfish) and removed the flame that’s missing the image, because it doesn’t really belong. I am uploading the corrected version today (02-15-2022).

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