Atan2 Spirals – Whittaker Courtney

Variation based heavily on atan2 functions. With linears, it can create tiled patterns with spirals or mobius dragon type effects.

Goes well with the custom variations csc_squared or corners which were designed to work with it. Lots of variables to play with and adjust the pattern.


Code (can paste this into custom_wf variation or custom_wf_full)


  JWildfire - an image and animation processor written in Java 
  Copyright (C) 1995-2011 Andreas Maschke
  This is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser 
  General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2.1 of the 
  License, or (at your option) any later version.
  This software is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without 
  even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU 
  Lesser General Public License for more details.
  You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along with this software; 
  if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin St, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA
  02110-1301 USA, or see the FSF site:
package org.jwildfire.create.tina.variation;

import org.jwildfire.create.tina.base.XForm;
import org.jwildfire.create.tina.base.XYZPoint;
import static org.jwildfire.base.mathlib.MathLib.sin;
import static org.jwildfire.base.mathlib.MathLib.atan2;
import static org.jwildfire.base.mathlib.MathLib.M_PI;
import static org.jwildfire.base.mathlib.MathLib.pow;

public class Atan2_SpiralsFunc extends VariationFunc {
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
  private static final String PARAM_R_MULT = r mult;
  private static final String PARAM_R_ADD = r add;
  private static final String PARAM_XY2_MULT = xy2 mult;
  private static final String PARAM_XY2_ADD = xy2 add;
  private static final String PARAM_X_MULT = x mult;
  private static final String PARAM_X_ADD = x add;
  private static final String PARAM_YX_DIV = yx div;
  private static final String PARAM_YX_ADD = yx add;
  private static final String PARAM_YY_DIV = yy div;
  private static final String PARAM_YY_ADD = yy add;
  private static final String PARAM_SIN_ADD = sin add;
  private static final String PARAM_Y_MULT = y mult;
  private static final String PARAM_R_POWER = r power;
  private static final String PARAM_X2Y2_POW = x2y2 power;
  private double r_mult = 1.5;
  private double r_add = 1;
  private double xy2_mult = 1.125;
  private double xy2_add = 0.132;
  private double x_mult = 2;
  private double x_add = 0.25;
  private double yx_div = 1;
  private double yx_add = 0;
  private double yy_div = 1.25;
  private double yy_add = 0;
  private double sin_add = 0;
  private double y_mult = 1;
  private double r_power = 0.5;
  private double x2y2_pow = 1;
  public void transform(FlameTransformationContext pContext, XForm pXForm, XYZPoint pAffineTP, XYZPoint pVarTP, double pAmount) {
  //Atan2_Spirals by Whittaker Courtney 8-8-2018
  // x,y variables
    double x = pAffineTP.x;
    double y = pAffineTP.y;
    double xs = x * x;
    double ys = y * y;       
  // final formulas
    double xy2 = pow(xs + ys, x2y2_pow);
    double r = pow(xs + ys, r_power);
    double fx =  x_mult * atan2(r * r_mult + r_add, xy2 * xy2_mult + xy2_add) + x_add;
    double fy = sin(atan2(y/yy_div + yy_add, (x / yx_div) + yx_add) + sin_add)* y_mult;

   pVarTP.x += pAmount * (-fx + M_PI);
   pVarTP.x += pAmount * (fx - M_PI);

   pVarTP.y += pAmount * fy;

    if (pContext.isPreserveZCoordinate()) {
  pVarTP.z += pAmount * pAffineTP.z;

  public String[] getParameterNames() {
    return paramNames;

  public Object[] getParameterValues() {
    return new Object[] { r_mult, r_add, xy2_mult, xy2_add, x_mult, x_add, yx_div, yx_add, yy_div, yy_add, sin_add, y_mult, r_power, x2y2_pow };

  public void setParameter(String pName, double pValue) {
    if (PARAM_R_MULT.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      r_mult = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_R_ADD.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      r_add = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_XY2_MULT.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      xy2_mult = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_XY2_ADD.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      xy2_add = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_X_MULT.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      x_mult = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_X_ADD.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      x_add = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_YX_DIV.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      yx_div = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_YX_ADD.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      yx_add = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_YY_DIV.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      yy_div = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_YY_ADD.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      yy_add = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_SIN_ADD.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      sin_add = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_Y_MULT.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      y_mult = pValue;
    else if (PARAM_R_POWER.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      r_power = pValue;
      else if (PARAM_X2Y2_POW.equalsIgnoreCase(pName))
      x2y2_pow = pValue;
      throw new IllegalArgumentException(pName);

  public String getName() {
    return atan2_spirals;



Or download the code and add it to your JWildfire Custom Variation Loader

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Sample image

Please credit and or link to this resource if you use them to create your images. For more information please read this
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