Creating JWildfire fractal scripts

Series of videos taking you step by step through creating and tweaking a script. These are based on the written tutorials Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four and Part 5.

The videos will walk you through creating a script from a favourite flame, then what inside the script you can play with and adjust to create your very own JWildfire scripts. Scripts are a great way of randomising whole sets of parameters within a flame, so what are you waiting for? Get stuck in!

Learning Scripts Part 1

In which we learn how to create a script from a fractal flame, nothing too fancy, but it’s the beginning of a new set of fun.

Learning Scripts Part 2

In this one we look inside the script code, remove some lines that are commented out to see what happens. Also how to change the description of the script by editing its text file.

Learning Scripts Part 3

Deeper!! we will add a range command. This will allow us to randomise the values of various items within the script to give us an ever changing look to our original fractal flame.

More complicated, but well worth getting to grips with this.

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