EXPORTING Flame Parameters from JWildfire Mini (PRO) to JWildfire Desktop version.

Please Watch at full HD 1080p for best quality!
Support Andreas Maschke by Getting the PRO version of JWildfire Mini, it gives you the very useful “Export” Button as seen in the video!
In older versions of the Android OS we could easily export via email but later Android versions don’t allow such attachments currently.
That’s why I made a simple walk through Video to show a very easy way to share your Mini Masterpieces… Either with your own full version of JWildfire (available as FREEWARE and also from Steam and the Apple App Store), or with others, simply by exporting to a free text editor such as “Notepad Free used in the video!

Full JWildfire versions and links, are available via Andreas Maschke’s Website:

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