Understanding New DC options

Today we are going to take a look at a new feature in a wildfire version 4.1 zero. It is the it is the color type option so to begin with I’m going to make a linear and set it to 0.25 then duplicate that four times I see five times. What the heck go to the first one I have to set to one. So I’m going to move it over one and up one transform to go over and down one transform three move it to the left and down parts going forward move it to the left and up now. I’m going to zoom in on it so I’m gonna go to one of the first new DC variations now not all DC variations react this way it’s only the ones which have a direct color option like DC Pearl in DC pearl in DC carpet will not act like this only the ones that have the color only I believe will. Actually I can try that out here, so I have DC acrylic and you notice none of the other outer ones have changed so what we do is we go to the first one we go to color change from diffusion to none and I’ll get rid of the triangles you can see and now the color from the DC acrylic is up here.

Brad Stefanov

JWildfire understanding new coloring options in v4.1 and new DC variations.

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