Understanding displacement variation

Today we are going to be taking a look at the displacement variation in a Jildfire it kind of displaces aid image on the X&Y plane. This is not a 3d variation it does have a it does have a offset Z but how to figure out how to show that effect it comes with three modes which I will get into. Basically I am starting going to be using to displace maps that I used one here is just a black background with three squares I have it here and even though I am using black and white or grey scaled images you actually don’t need to use them because I think that it actually breaks down the color data into its black and white parts, so it internally it takes a colored image and breaks it into a black and white image greyscaled image internally. But for the these demonstrations I will be using grayscaled images and you can actually make your own grayscaled images quite easily like for example here I just have a simple a simple carpet set up with the gradient but if I wanted to make it a grayscale make it gray scaled just click on the gradient tab come down here.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding displacement variation
for JWildfire

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