Understanding dc_carpet

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the DC carpet variation. You begin with using it as a final is normal as you see it brings out expand in and that is because basically it is for Linear’s in the same pattern so basically we have four linearts the same. Is going one this is the basic carpet setup so if you just add a variation a tiny square let’s give this a checkerboard effect. So now for you go to DC carpet and added square we reject the same type of effect on the cane gradients. Oh and you can see a little bit better so now there we have it and the only variable it has is this origin here, and if you change it around it is actually picking out different colors from the gradient. It’s like new it’s less like seems using this slider here but you have it here we just basically make the I want to say shift so basically just shifts the colors around another neat trick with using it to remove the square you set this 25 right now yeah a the condense carpet and so you can also do is if you had like a linked transform it’s basically putting better than before you get to touch them. Oh what the heck let’s just play

Brad Stefanov

Understanding dc_carpet with JWildfire

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