Understanding Curl_sp

Understanding Curl_sp
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Today we are going to be taking a look at the curl_sp variation. So to begin with we have our regular color grid here, add as a final and we have curl_sp going to zoom out a little now by default the C one is on the curls on the X and the C two curves on the Y. As you can see so we said how it’s curling the squares on the end to zero and increase one time curling on the x-axis. We also have a power of a variable here we shrink this down everything to zero we see it kind of breaking up the square into four different parts. So if we increase it that’s that default now you see it’s actually pushing it out more so it’s actually overlapping on the sides here. So now if we add the three little curl see how it some of it is coming up and around. One thing I’ve noticed you have to be really careful because if you do this too much it will just warp too much in your flame and lose your image. So you want to use the power sparingly and then suspect – one took this to zero and then we have so we have power c1 and c2 are curls then we also have s exponent a s Y and the S stands for it split so if we increase s it’s actually typed it is splitting it you just can’t tell until we had a curl to it. So it is splitting this part and this part it’s actually putting up the square so if I said this is a round and then if you do it that’s why you can see here how it’s separating the sides of our graph

Brad Stefanov

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