Understanding Coshq

Today we are going to be looking at the Coshq variation for JWildfire and it is part of the collection of Applepomace. This plug-in pack by a cipher Konya and it is something that I brought into JWildfire. So if you take a look here after what this is doing here so we have our 3d grid here I’m going to add a final and as you notice I have a my magnified layer on here because some people say it’s hard to see the numbers and stuff so hopefully this will help out with that. So I’m going to select the coshq variation and most important thing to remember to keep in mind is this is a 3D variation ,it works best with 3d flames so that’s why I’m using the 3d cube as an example so you see it kind of it’s based off of the cosh variation for more information you can check out my other video where I went in to more information about that but this one works on the 3d plane, so right now we’re on the XY plane but we’re going to be taking advantage of all three Z’s today so you just start by resizing moving around. So I’m gonna zoom in rotate the triangle and there’s no variables with this variation right there’s some really really cool thing you see how it’s warping that whole cube around now I am on the y z axis going up going down just play around with it see how it works with the variation.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding Coshq for JWildfire

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