Understanding Cos2_bs

Today we are going to look at the cos2_bs variation. It is actually a variation that I worked on just by adding params to the original cos version. So if you look that up, the final and the cos variation was created by Cote it’s part of the complex functions plug-in pack here, and it is based on a cosine wave which is just opposite of a sine wave. If you just look at the grid here and see how it works kind of warps around into the middle here, you guys move it around and now with the my variation that caused reset the variation. We have four variables here which to works on the 5x plane and to works on the Y plane and play with the variables see how we can shrink and some expand on the two planes and also if you press on the X to keep standing here maybe with the x1 let’s see it actually acts as a you kind get to see how it acts as a act as the waveform here so it’s really good at use at the final or as a regular variation so let’s give it a try.

Brad Stefanov

Understanding Cos2_bs for JWildfire

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