Understanding Circlesplit variation

Today I am to be talking about the circle split variation. As of right now it is only available in a JWildfire three-point 10 the early preview, which you can follow the link on the jwildfire artists group. it’s part of the pin post now, keep in mind this version is a early early pre-beta of two point 10 so it does have some bugs in it. So it’s only available in this version right now so we’re going to take a look at the circle split variation here using good old color grid click on circle split and it only has two variables here the radius and the split. So if we look at the radius first and see it controls how big the circle part is which is the open part here and the split part is the difference between here and here so if you lower this, you’ll see it makes the opening it split part narrow you can actually even go into negative value where it overlaps.

Brad Stefanov

For Jwildfire Understanding Circlesplit variation

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