Quick note and Understanding Cosh2_bs

Today I’m gonna give a quick little note then we’re going to take a look at the Cosh2_bs variation for Jwildfire. My quick note is I have been doing these understanding variation with tutorials mostly for challenges in the JWildfire artists group we are going through each variation and I do these just to help people understand or help them see what the variation can do. I am NOT a math person at all, I don’t even try to pretend I am when making variation the love it’s just dumb luck I do do some research and have learned a lot from other members in the fractal community. When I asked for also if you have any suggestions for me for doing these videos please comment below if you’re watching this off of youtube please click on the youtube link comment let me know if you think I should do something different something about the format, or if you’re finding it helpful if let me know, if you’re not let me know so I can try to change up something and if you have suggestions I am always open or suggestions so that is the end of my semi quick note.

Brad Stefanov

Quick note and Understanding Cosh2_bs with JWildfire

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