JWildfire 3.0 tutorial — Playing with Plots

Today I am gonna be talking to you about how to use three new variations that are in JWildfire 3.0 and they are the yplot2d, yplot 3d and ypart plot 2d WF variations. Basically what they do is they plot using mathematical formulas to create shapes. So here are three examples this is the Yplot 2d this is the Yplot 3d this is an example of the parplot 2d now they all have presets you can find them on the JWildfire github page also Griffin Sarah of the JWildfire open group has created documents for them as well. These show them with image examples so forth y plot has three presets the Y plot 3d has seven presets since it starts at 0 goes to 0 to 6 at 7 the parplot has 36 presets.

Brad Stefanov

JWildfire 3.0 tutorial — How to use the yplot2d_wf, yplot3d_wf, and parplot2d_wf variations
Credits to Andreas Maschke Griffin Sarah Frank Baumann Dimitri Augusto Rocha Don Town
yplot2d_wf https://github.com/thargor6/JWildfire/blob/master/src/org/jwildfire/create/tina/variation/plot/yplot2d_wf_presets.txt
yplot3d_wf https://github.com/thargor6/JWildfire/blob/master/src/org/jwildfire/create/tina/variation/plot/yplot3d_wf_presets.txt
parplot2d_wf https://github.com/thargor6/JWildfire/blob/master/src/org/jwildfire/create/tina/variation/plot/parplot2d_wf_presets.txt
yplot2d_wf https://www.facebook.com/groups/JWildfireOpenGroup/919996818115522/?match=aW5kZXhfcHJlc2V0cyxpbmRleA%3D%3D
yplot3d https://www.facebook.com/groups/JWildfireOpenGroup/919998661448671/?match=andmX2luZGV4X3ByZXNldHMsaW5kZXg%3D
parplot2d https://www.facebook.com/groups/JWildfireOpenGroup/920002718114932/?match=cGFycGxvdDJkX3dmX3ByZXNldF9pbmRleCxpbmRleA%3D%3D

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