JWildfire 3.0 tutorial — 3D Materials

Today I am gonna be talking about using the material tab in JWildfire 3.0. So basically what a material is, is let’s say you have an object here it’s my trusty old basketball but I wanted to change how it looked. So if I take something and put it over it, now if I can make it totally flat against the surface I would still have the same shape but I am just changing the type of surface. It is that has been applied to it now the way JWildfire does it is basically using what is called a reflection map in this case which is the image like this.

if we go to the 3d rendering tab material settings, the first we have selected materials you can have as many different materials as you want all the settings are the same when you add or delete a material the ambient well first diffuse is kind of the amount of light that is forced on it the amb it is also a way it interacts with the object.

Brad Stefanov

Wildfire 3.0 tutorial — 3D Materials

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