Renders too dark ?

If like me sometimes what you see on your JWildfire isn’t how it renders out, and it comes out looking too dark, this is for you.

I’m not an expert by any means, but this seems to work on my scripts. You need to find the colouring tab and adjust the fade to white level, then hit the quick render button to see how it looks. I’ll explain below.


1 ) This is our image, looks good and bright and how we want it. Let’s get a quick look how it will render by hitting the quick render button (yours might be in a different part of the screen, but it looks like the one in the image).


No, that’s way too dark.

We need to adjust the Fade To White level setting

(you’ll need to find a button or tab for Colouring first). You adjust it lower to make the image brighter and higher to make the image darker. We want ours brighter so we need to get that number down. Adjust the slider til it looks right.

Click the quick render button and problem solved.

When you click the iRender button (or the main Render button) to render your fractals they’ll be brighter now.

Another way to do this would be to click the Gradient Tab

Then Balancing and adjust the Gradient Brightness. Again click your quick render button to see how it will look before you commit to the full render.

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