How to use Visions of Chaos to grab gradient from Image

Time Needed : 30 minutes

In JWildfire, you can grab the colours from an image in the Gradient tab, and for the most part, this works really well. If you’d like another method, with finer control, or just want to play differently this is a tutorial on how to do so. If you don’t know what Visions of Chaos is, try reading this post about it, and if nothing else get some gradients to work with JWildfire. Download it from their website here.

  1. Step 1

    After downloading and installing, then running Visions of Chaos, choose Change Color Palette on the main menu, this will bring the following box up.

    open change color palette

  2. Step 2

    Click the Blend Colors tab, then click Colors from image.

    Ciick Blend Colors

  3. Step 3

    Clicking Colors from Image, brings this box up, click Load.

    Click load to load image

  4. Step 4

    Choose an image from your PC and click Open.

    find your image

  5. Step 5

    Select the amount of colours you want to select from the image for your palette. Start with 16 to begin with, then choose your Color sort method. This will sort the colors by different factors, including how often the colors are used, the brightness, hue etc. Play with those values, then click ok.

    select number of colors

  6. Step 6

    As you can see the colours have been extracted from the image, we now need to choose how we want the colors blending. Please note only the first 3 are useful, once you choose, you will be asked to give a number between 1-16. Experiment with different numbers to see what they do. So for example, choose Fade out, and choose number 8. You’ll see in the palette preview how that looks. Choose another option and give a different value to experiment.

    select blend

  7. Step 7

    As you can see, I’ve blended (top option) the colours here, now I just need to save the Palette out as a .map file.

    Chosen now save palette

  8. Final notes

    You can add map files into your JWildfire Gradients folder as is discussed here . Or you can combine several .map files into a single .ugr file as is described here and add that to your gradients folder.

    As mentioned before JWildfire has a very cool way of doing this also, and facilities to manipulate gradients, this is just for those who want to try something different.

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