how to quickly fix some problems with jwildfire

Important note: this is a first step to correct problems with jwildfire. This tip does not answer all of your problems with jwildfire, but I only hope that it can help you to solve some of them quickly. In any case, if the problem persists, do not hesitate to go to the forum “help and support” of

The description of the problem

Yesterday, I opened jwildfire. It used almost all RAM memory, plus CPU utilization is 100%. I could edit and save fractals but jwildfire could not close even after 10, 20 minutes of waiting. In Linux terms, to shut down the software, I have to kill the process.

How to solve this problem?

Solving this problem does not require specific knowledge in any programming language or specific computer skills. It depends only on the operating logic of a software.

The logic of jwildfire.

As you may have noticed, you can set preferences such as paths, user interface settings, and so on. The logic is here: these user preferences must be stored somewhere. In the case of jwildfire, these settings are stored in flat files or text files. You can open them with a text editor and see what is written there. Look at the picture at the top of this post.

As you can see, these files are named following the pattern “j-wildfire-….. properties”. Generally, unless a very specific use of this type of configuration files, they are written in text format, hence their weight must be in ko.

The wrong weight of the file.

In my case, the weight of this file is 530mo which is not normal, I suppose. Something went wrong. What? I do not know.

The process is to create a backup of this file by renaming it. And see what happens when you run jwildfire again. Has the problem resolved or not?

The new start

Run jwildfire and in my case the problem is solved! Jwildfire re-creates from scratch the file You must reconfigure the preferences and settings of the user interface. This is the only drawback of this method.

–> Let me know if this kind of tip is useful or not for the purpose of this site.

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  1. It’s a useful tip. Thanks for sharing. I’ve had to do that once myself when JWildfire was mysteriously misbehaving.

    As a follow-on, if JWildfire works ok after renaming the file, you can try recovering an older version of the file from your backup to avoid having to reconfigure your preferences and settings manually.

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