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Adding a flame and a picture to go with it is really very easy, and has the advantage over facebook that it doesn’t try and compress it to a smaller size and lose any fine detail. It also means you can build up a set of flames on here for whatever reason. You can of course just add images to the gallery, but if you want to share how your flames were created this is the best way.

Step 1 – Clicking Add Post

From the main menu at the top, click Account, then User then Add Post/Flame.




Step 2 – Adding a title

Give your flame post a title



Step 3 – Copy the flame code from JWildfire

Switch to JWildfire, and look for the button labelled “To Clipboard”, click this to get the flame code into your computers clipboard.


Step 4 – Enter a description and click the Enlighter button to add your flame from the clipboard.

Switch back to the website, and enter some description of the flame you’re going to paste first, hit return a few times to create a space for the Flame. Then click the Enlighter button as shown in the image above.


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