How to create and add to a gallery

If you’re a member here you can create galleries of your fractals, and the good news is it’s easy to do. If possible don’t upload slightly different versions of the same image, or if you do, don’t upload say 10 versions of basically the same image with different settings.  For every image uploaded various smaller versions are created for display around the site, seven in total, so for every 10 you upload that’s 70 images being stored here. That said, I don’t want to stifle anyone’s creativity, so you be your own judge.

Ok, preamble out the way, how do we create a new gallery?

Step 1 – Go to your gallery section.

Step 2 –  Click Create Gallery

Click Create a Gallery button.

Step 3 – Enter details of the gallery

Fill in all the details, the type should default to Photo (image), if it doesn’t select it if you’re uploading images. Then fill out all the details about your gallery. Remember you can have more than one gallery, so best not to dump all your images in the one gallery if you want to find them later. Give it a title to reflect it’s a certain collection if appropriate. Do the same in the description.  Then click Create.

Step 4 Adding Files

There are two ways to add your files to your Gallery, either drag the files from your PC into the square, or click on Select Files (much easier this way). Once you click on Select files, you’ll get a file selector pops up. You can add more than one file at a time.

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