Creating a Post


So, you’re new to all of this, adding a post is a fairly straightforward thing to do, just remember if you don’t know what the buttons do, don’t click them 🙂

First of all you need to know where the option is to add a post to the website, find it here (Account/User/Add a Post) see image.

add a post

Ok, so you’ll see an editor screen, should look a little like the one in the image below (click for larger view).

Blank Page

It works, like most ordinary wordprocessors, so you’re going to want to type in a title for your post at the top, and enter your content into the content area below. Yours might be missing a few buttons from this shot, but don’t worry about those.

If you have Word you can copy and paste into this box, so see the below screenshots. You basically highlight and copy in Word (or similar) and then click inside the content box here and use CTRL and V together. Command and V on a Mac (but I don’t know if it will accept Mac stuff).

Copy From Word

Paste From Word (CTRL and V)

If you want to add a DOC file for people to access inside of your page, you can click the ADD Media button

Add Media

Choose the Upload option to get it from your computer once clicked.

Adding a Flame

See the above picture, you need to click on this button {…} and a box will pop up, paste your flame code inside that box that appears.

Adding finishing touches

Underneath your post you’ll see some options.

You’ll need to add an image for your post, what that is, is up to you, but don’t make it bigger than about 1000px height or width.  It will appear above your post when added to the website, and is used elsewhere, so make it snazzy ! 🙂  Then choose the Category your post belongs to. Finally add a few words or phrases separated by commas. This is for website searches and indexing, very useful. One or two will do, but if you feel like adding a bunch, be my guest!

Finally, finally, solve the ridiculously difficult maths question to prove you’re not a spotty spammer and click the Submit button.

It will go on hold til an admin (me usually) looks at it and approves it for the site. You’ll then get a warm glow of satisfaction as you’ve helped the community with your wisdom or sharing. You’ll also get a big smile from me, and thank you.

Any questions, probably best find me in the Facebook group.


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