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This is a small list of some of the image editing software that can be used to enhance your fractals. It includes some free and some paid applications for Windows, OSX and mobile devices.

Image filtering applications for desktop, IOS and Android


Gimp – Free – Cross Platform Desktop

Filter Forge – $$ depending on sale at the time
OS-X and Windows 7, 8, and 10

Topaz Labs –
Topaz Studio – Free – OSX and Windows
Studio –

This software is really fun to use and can do a lot with the free version. You can create and save custom filters, share then with others and download their filters too. It also works with most of the Topaz paid filter packages if you care to purchase them. I highly recommend Topaz products. I have several including Studio and use them a lot.

Topaz also has a huge range of plugin filters they sell, my favorite being Topaz Glow. They add new and powerful things all of the time, so there is always something new to play around with. They offer 30 day trials on all of their products that are fully functional, so that ia really nice.

Multiple Platform Applications

PicsArt – Free

This is a go to app for mobile art to get started. It has been around for years and it much loved by the mobile art community. They keep it up to date and have tons of filters, stickers and overlays for it, many of them free. It also has a social community of it’s own where you can share your work, gain inspiration, download free to use images submitted by the community and much, much more.

You can find all the information you need on their Facebook page –
Or on their site-

Jixipix –

This company is somewhat different in it’s approach. They have applications for OSX, Windows, IOS and Android. Their applications are fairly inexpensive and are pretty much the same functionality if you have it on your mobile device or your desktop machine.

They have apps that range in price from $.099 to around $50.00 for a single application and offer very reasonably priced bundles that will include all of their products for your platform on desktop. I am not sure if they offer this on mobile devices but the apps are very inexpensive, so probably not.

I personally have not purchased any of their professional packages but I have nearly all of their hobbyist level applications. Each application is focused on a particular style and offers adjustable options to create different looks and color combinations. They also often do give aways so when they do I will notify the group.

Mobile Applications

Painnt – Free – $10.00 per year to subscribe and open all the features
IOS and Android They also have it in the Windows store

This app works very similarly to the neural net stuff where you can edit one image with another. I use it off and on. As a subscriber you can also create your own filters which is very nice. It also has its own social network where users can share work and get to know each other.

Super Photo – Free – $5.00 to unlock all features (It is slightly less but it has been years since I paid it.)

This is a very old app, and a little clunky to use but it can do some amazing things. It does all of it’s rendering on your device, which is good and bad because while things render it is hard to do anything else with your phone or tablet. It does offer hundreds of filters and overlays as well as other really fun image editing options.

Snapseed – Free

Snapseed is made by Google and is a really interesting free image editor. It does not contain effects filters but it does have some wonderful features to sharpen and enhance your images.


Note by Michael Bourne

Thank you Jane Spaulding for compiling this list, very helpful indeed.

I’d just like to add that the NIK Collection of filters is absolutely amazing, and well worth the download. They are photoshop (compatible ie they work with other editors) primarily, but you can drag an image onto the .exe files to fire them up manually. Super cool and FREE! professional software for nothing.

Grab them here



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