Cut_ variations by Jesús Sosa

Javawildfire 5.5  cut_variations

This variations owes his name to the expression “cutting something”, these variations do fretwork.

All the cut_ variations have specific parameters to control the shape of the pattern,

A zoom parameter to zoom in and to zoom out the pattern.

An invert parameter to reverse the pattern they generate, i.e. what was in color gets hollowed out and what was hollowed out is colored.

All the cut variations have a mode parameter which controls how to perform the fretwork, by default all cut variations start with mode=1, which means “overwrite draw mode” so this a square pattern centered on the origin of 2×2 units overwriting the current flame, depending of the cut_ variation name, perform a different pattern.

Example flame with a new transformation with cut_alientex mode=1, draw a centered square with the pattern “alientext”

If you use a cut variation in a new transformation with parameter mode=0, then the variation performs a fretwork over the visible current flame, if you don´t have any previous transformations this variation do not show anything but some random points.

Example of cut_chains with mode=0, with no others transformations, you only see some random points. (not useful)


In order to use a cut_ variation in mode=0 you need to have something in the flame editor, using an T1 with nblur (numEdges=6) linked to a T2 with cut_btree in mode=0 you can see the cutted pattern filling the hexgonal shape of the nblur.

A cut_variation in mode=0 can be used as a second variation (used as post mode) in one transformation, filling the shape of the current flame. Certainly you must create first any shape you want, then add a new cut variation as post to fill any shape with the cut_variation.

Also cut_variations with mode=0 can be used as final transformations to fretwork the whole flame.

Example cut_bricks with mode=0 as a final transformation

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