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Parplot2d Escher Lazysusan Hypertile3d2 flame pack

<flames> <flame name=”Escher Swirls_RK” smooth_gradient=”0″ version=”JWildfire V4.00 revision 2 (20.12.2018)” size=”800 800″ center=”0.1852 0.0264″ scale=”165.1467786232623″ rotate=”0.0″ filter=”1.47″ filter_type=”GLOBAL_SMOOTHING” filter_kernel=”GAUSSIAN” filter_indicator=”0″ filter_sharpness=”4.0″ filter_low_density=”0.025″ oversample=”1″ post_noise_filter=”1″ post_noise_filter_threshold=”0.35″ quality=”400.0″ background_type=”GRADIENT_2X2_C” background_ul=”0.6 1.0 1.0″ background_ur=”0.6 …

Full DetailsParplot2d Escher Lazysusan Hypertile3d2 flame pack

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A The Weird Sphere RK 2018

The Weird Sphere_07_19 2018 RK base flame

Flame game – A fun combination to play with. The magic happens on transform 2. Try and leave the main transforms in place. (T1 Obj Mesh id0, T2 Sphere_NJA (extended spikes) T3 Primitives id6 (Donut shape). Tweak by adding any variation that is 2d or 3d to T2 variation 3 or 4, but leave sphere_nja in place. Basically you will be changing the shape of the extended spikes. This is going to blow you mind! Have fun