Think of tags as like a book index where you find words and which pages they are on, the same principle applies here. Although it's taken a stage further so it might not be the word, but the subject, so for example if you're looking for things to do with fractal gradients for example. A tag may bring back posts with gradient files, as well as posts that discuss gradients, or tutorials about them.

waveblur idisc solid

Waveblur idisc SOLID

This script was automatically generated by JWildfire V6.22 (16.01.2021) by converting a flame /*ScriptInfo … Details

Rams Head

Rams Head Symmetry

This script was automatically generated by JWildfire V6.22 (16.01.2021) Steam Edition by converting a … Details

Obj Mesh prim – render

Obj Mesh prim – render 2

Obj Mesh prim – render 2 Fractal flame for Jwildfire, use the on screen copy button to copy to clipboard, you can then post inside the software


The Weird Sphere_07_19 2018 RK base flame

Flame game – A fun combination to play with. The magic happens on transform 2. Try and leave the main transforms in place. (T1 Obj Mesh id0, T2 Sphere_NJA (extended spikes) T3 Primitives id6 (Donut shape). Tweak by adding any variation that is 2d or 3d to T2 variation 3 or 4, but leave sphere_nja in place. Basically you will be changing the shape of the extended spikes. This is going to blow you mind! Have fun