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Download JWildfire scripts to help you quickly generate your flame fractals.

Scripts are a quick way to generate fractals without having to compile them yourself. They are designed to help you learn how different combinations of variations can produce a variety of designs.

Some create full scenes that you can use as backgrounds for your other flames, or as backgrounds in general for a PC, or they can be used to create multi layer scenes.

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Inscription Script Pack
File Size 66.00 KB
Downloads 14
Celestia Script Pack
File Size 27.90 KB
Downloads 29
Combo_splits script
File Size 2.94 KB
Downloads 27
Beauty Wax Script
File Size 1.12 MB
Downloads 25
PsiloSpirals Script
File Size 1.33 MB
Downloads 39
Spirilla Mega Script Pack
File Size 265.54 KB
Downloads 49
Wallpaper Script
File Size 6.17 KB
Downloads 49
Swirled Decadence Addons
File Size 69.43 KB
Downloads 98
Spligeometry Script
File Size 4.41 KB
Downloads 52
TNT – This and That Script
File Size 4.60 KB
Downloads 57